Welcome to the website of the 28th FILLM Congress!

FILLM2020 will be hosted by the University of Vienna, Austria under the theme:

Linguistic, Literary, and Cultural Diversity in a Global Perspective


Preliminary List of Invited Speakers:

  • Ato Quayson, University of Toronto, Canada
  • Francoise Lionnet, Harvard University, USA

The following points provide some preliminary information about the hosting institution, the city of Vienna and more practical info about conference fees and accommodation to help make a decision about whether this is a conference you would wish to attend:

The host institution

The University of Vienna (Universitaet Wien) is an ideal institution for hosting FILLM2020 because (i) the University has a strong policy of internationalization and believes that supporting the organization of international conferences and congresses such as that of FILLM, which is a UNESCO-affiliated academic organization, is one of the best ways to implement this policy and commitment to internationalization; (ii) the University believes, in addition to (i), that it is indeed capable of doing this as it has experience, capacities, and facilities to organize large-scale congresses of the type that FILLM often does.

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The host city

FILLM is a UNESCO-affiliated academic organization whose subject-matter is the promotion of arts and cultures, with particular reference to languages and literatures. The University is situated in a world-renowned city, Vienna, which promotes arts and cultures, including various forms of literary expressions such as music, poetry, theatre, and general performing arts. Vienna is a safe city, centrally located in Europe, and boasts excellent facilities for hosting large-scale international gatherings.

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Conference Facilities

The Faculty of Arts, hosting many Departments dealing with languages and literatures, is located in a sprawling area of more than two hectares of buildings, classrooms, huge lecture theatres, supermarkets, bookshops, and restaurants & bars. There are excellent presentation facilities in these buildings. This venue has constantly been the venue of successful large-scale international conference organizations and FILLM 2020 will not be an exception.

There are many hotels and guest houses in Vienna city, especially in the surrounding areas where the conference would be held, so there wouldn’t be any problem housing the over 1000 conference attendees that are expected.

A Centrally Located Venue

Vienna is located in Central Europe, indeed the quintessential confluence of East and West. This famous city of arts and culture, of Mozart and Sebastian Bach, of top-class scientists and academics, including Freud and nine Nobel Prize winners is connected to other parts of Europe and the world by excellent train and airplane services.

Good Climate

Vienna is a city of mild springs and warm summers, with gentle breezes flowing down from the Alps, as Vienna is located on the easterly slopes of these famous European mountain ranges.

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Dates for the Congress

Sunday 26th July to Wednesday 29th July, 2020